Csatlakozzon az Európai Bizottság új kezdeményezéséhez!

Csatlakozzon az Európai Bizottság új kezdeményezéséhez!

The European Commission is looking for education professionals to join a consultation group that will contribute to the preparation of the European Digital Education Content Framework.

Why take part?

As part of this action, you can contribute to a study on the preparation of European Digital Education Content Framework.

Professionals in the education sector will have a chance to

  • rethink, evaluate and propose a framework for all those involved in education
  • participate in two European consultations planned for March and May 2023
  • meet like-minded colleagues to exchange, interact and share relevant information for their daily practice
  • get access to a series of mini-questionnaires, webinars, focus groups, podcasts and publications related to the study that will help enhance their professional expertise

What will the group do?

The stakeholder consultation group will play an important role in connection with each component of the study.

In particular, they will

  • help identify and respond to the most pressing challenges
  • contribute to the development of a matrix analysis allowing an all-encompassing approach to the production, access to and use of digital educational content
  • take part in regular activities and exchanges (e.g. via workshops, webinars, and a dedicated online channel)

How to take part

If you are interested, fill in the registration form before 15 January 2023.

This will allow the Commission to

  • discover your expectations and interests
  • have an idea of the type of professionals represented in the group, to ensure a diverse range of stakeholders across Europe
  • ensure that you know how your personal data will be treated along the study

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