Csatlakozzon az Informatics Europe szakmai munkacsoportjaihoz!

Csatlakozzon az Informatics Europe szakmai munkacsoportjaihoz!

Informatics Europe aim to be the voice of Computer Science in Europe, and need the active active involvement of its members to reach this goal. 

Join the current Working Groups or propose new ones, to discuss with European colleagues on topics of your interest, define valuable initiatives for the Informatics community, and steer a European agenda aligned with our values. 

The aim of these groups, opened to Informatics Europe members only, is to serve as networking and discussion platforms, but also as a source of ideas to define initiatives valuable for the Informatics community, thus where Informatics Europe should work on.

The societal impact of Informatics is huge, let's steer it together in the right direction! 

Currently, the following Working Groups are open to our members. Please register here if you wish to contribute to any of them:

Current Working Groups:

  1. Data Analysis and Reporting
  2. Diversity and Inclusion
  3. Education Research
  4. Open Science
  5. Societal Impact and Ethics
  6. Sustainability

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