Vezetői képzés informatikusoknak informatikusoktól

Vezetői képzés informatikusoknak informatikusoktól

Informatics Europe provides a unique development opportunity for new and emerging academic leaders in Informatics and Computing. Following the success of previous cohorts, the sole leadership course will be offered again online for the fifth time

by computer scientists, for computer scientists, and with computer scientists! 

All academics are or will become leaders, but how do you lead clever and independent-minded academics? How do you bring out the best in people as a leader? How do you have those difficult conversations? How do you and your colleagues not just survive but thrive? How do you ‘do’ academic leadership?

In this course, you will have the opportunity to explore these issues together with Prof. Geraldine Fitzpatrick and Prof. Austen Rainer, who are both senior Informatics/Computing academics with strong leadership backgrounds and experience and who complement that experience with scientific evidence-based approaches to positive leadership practice.

Through six 2-hour online workshop sessions, complemented by an orientation session and in-between preparation work (own time engaging with video/audio content, worksheets and readings) and peer support sessions, you will have a facilitated learning experience to help you:

  • Situate your leadership:
    • Appreciate the unique opportunities and challenges of academic leadership;
    • Locate your academic leadership within its wider context and identify the leadership approach you want to bring to it;
  • Lead yourself:
    • Evaluate your own values and strengths to provide the foundation for a positive strengths-based approach to your leadership;
    • Identify and practice simple techniques to survive and thrive as an academic leader;
  • Lead others:
    • Appreciate what makes academics tick and how to bring out the best in people; 
    • Identify and practice simple techniques for building collegial cultures;
  • Further your own development:
    • Identify how to integrate evidence-based recommendations with reflection on your and others’ experience with individual, pair and small-group activities;
    • Develop a plan of action for growing as an academic leader. 

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