PhD Hub

PhD Hub

Collaboration is a key feature of research and innovation. But how do researchers and non-academic partners find out about each other, especially when it comes to cross-sectoral or international initiatives?

The PhD Hub has been created to connect researchers, enterprises and the  society at large. It promotes intersectoral, interdisciplinary and international collaboration and fosters innovation.

It is a platform designed to help researchers and PhD candidates to find their way around the opportunities available to them, and to make it easier for institutions and companies to publish their offers.

The structure and services of the platform were developed with the active participation of 10 universities and non-academic partners, based on their experience and needs, to ensure the most practical approach possible. It was set up as part of the European PhD Hub project (2017-2020), an Erasmus+ funded project. This tool is maintained and promoted by the European University Foundation and is free of charge.

The PhD Hub is now available in a renewed format and accessible to anyone. Easy-to-use search functions and multi-filtering options will help users to find or publish personalised opportunities. 

The platform allows you to get a general picture of what is happening in the research scene across Europe. It’s a place to collaborate and where institutions and companies can meet researchers and PhD candidates, post their offers or find opportunities. More than a platform, it is a community where innovative people and organisations can easily come together to inspire and empower each other.